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Trailer for the film "Professor Terekhov: programming as a way of life"

Computer Vision Systems and TAdviser present Computer Vision: Technology, the Market, and Future Prospects


Lanit-Tercom president among trio of top St. Petersburg executives

Andrey Terekhov made...


New roles for the Lanit-Tercom top brass

Professor Andrey Terekhov, company founder and CEO for 30 years, took up the position of president for Lanit-Tercom, part of the LANIT Group. His focus will be strategic development....


LANIT-TERCOM celebrating 20 years in the LANIT Group

It’s been two decades since LANIT-TERCOM, a leading Russian developer, joined the LANIT Group, a multi-profile group of IT companies.


Lanit-Tercom develops software boosting network efficiency

Besides working on our customers’ orders for hardware and software solutions, Lanit-Tercom puts strong emphasis on scientific research.