Lanit-Tercom develops a VR game

Lanit-Tercom finished work on a game called Cat Pirate Saga VR for smartphones, tablets, and VR helmets. The product is designed for Android and iOS, though it can also be ported over to other platforms.

The game brings expansive functionality by leveraging the possibilities offered by modern VR helmets and goggles: it can simulate running through a virtual world, complete with obstacles and 360-degree visibility, and realistic 3D images that surround the gamer. It also includes a number of modifications to standard libraries aimed at better calculating 3D images of virtual locations. The game was written in C# using Unity 3D and Fibrum SDK.

In 2017 Lanit-Tercom was awarded a patent for Cat Pirate Saga VR by the Federal Service for Intellectual Property. Fibrum, a Russian developer of hardware and software programs for mobile VR, released the game.