Development of automated information systems for medicine

Our specialists have worked on a number of projects developing automated information systems for medicine. The systems themselves have been for major clients in Israel, the US, Denmark, and other countries, not to mention Russian solutions like the EMIAS.

The EMIAS is the medical informational and analytics system used by the Moscow city government, and it was developed and implemented as part of Moscow’s Smart City project with the help of LANIT-TERCOM and the larger Lanit Group. The system is designed to enhance the quality and accessibility of medical assistance offered to the city’s population, while also providing better management of the healthcare system using IT and telecom technology.

The city’s outpatient medical institutions, of which there are 700 in the system serving 9 million patients, were automated as part of the project.

The EMIAS project was recognized largest in healthcare at the Top 10 IT Projects for the Public Sector 2013 by the Ministry of Digital Development, Communications, and Mass Media and ComNews. It was also named best industry solution for medicine by Global CIO.