Developing software and an optimization algorithm to reduce losses in the power grid

The product includes a library with the optimization algorithm and the software used to configure the grid.

The algorithm works with input parameters describing the grid configuration (the distance between load nodes, voltage, power consumption at nodes, etc.) to optimize storage battery position within regional/micro-regional power grids in the interest of minimizing losses. The software allows users to create different grid configurations, set input parameters, and launch the optimization process using the algorithm. Once the user sees how the algorithm works, they can look through suggested grid configurations and pick the best one.


The software was created to be used when building new grids in the energy sector, for example, for new micro-regions or major companies. It can also be used to optimize existing grids, though that option comes with some limitations.

The solution lets users:

  • Create different grid configurations and set input parameters
  • Choose between different ways to optimize grids
    • Optimizing energy source positions (important when planning new grids as part of expansion into new areas)
    • Optimizing storage batter position and capacity (important when planning new grids or optimizing existing ones)
  • Review and compare algorithm results and pick the best one

Technologies: Java, R. OS: Windows, Linux