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Art Space – an app and Web3 marketplace for showcasing and selling digital art objects

Большой баннер: 
О продукте: 

About the product

Art Space is an Android and iOS compatible mobile app and Web3-based Marketplace designed for painters, artists, art lovers and gallerists (managers of art expositions, exhibitions and other events where visitors can view and buy art objects).

The app makes it easy to create AR-based exhibition spaces letting painters and artists showcase and sell their artwork (paintings, videos or 3D models) in augmented reality.

A Web3-based Art Space Marketplace is designed to manage a large number of art objects more effectively.

Области применения: 


  • All digital artworks are available as NFT-tokens with proof of art objects uniqueness based on blockchain technology.
  • The product supports FT-tokens for buying/selling limited edition artworks.
  • Access to viewing/buying/selling art objects using a common mobile device in AR mode.
Решение позволяет: 


  • The app brings together artists and buyers. It can transfer the author's works into various digital formats available as FT or NFT tokens. This helps to effectively arrange AR-exhibitions and align the process of selling art objects.
  • The AR mode of the Art Space application is provided by the Augmented.City – a globally recognized platform.
  • In-depth perception of art objects and interaction with the client/potential buyer: the app gives an opportunity to examine digital works in augmented reality in detail as well as get extended information about each object (original title, author's and owner's names, etc.).
  • Soaring sales and faster transactions for companies selling digital art objects. The app reduces the number of client clicks required to demonstrate selected works or buy them.
ПО и документация: 


  • Linux (Debian+Ubuntu)
  • Server microservices
  • Http2/https, REST API
  • Postgres-12/14 (with tokens/credentials)
  • AR ("Geopose" standard, VPS)