Lanit-Tercom at IT Global Meetup #10

On May 14 the city on the Neva hosted IT Global Meetup #10, this year’s gathering of St. Petersburg’s IT community. The event dates back to 2013, when 80 specialists from nine different cities attended. This year was the tenth Meetup, and it was attended by 700 people from 30 cities.

The event format gives each city community its own “island.” Those themed facilities then offer the opportunity to chat and exchange experience in a variety of ways: speeches, master classes, round tables, mini hackathons, case studies, games, and much more.

This year Pavel Fedotovsky, a software engineer at Lanit-Tercom, gave a speech entitled “Using Swagger to document REST API” at the SpbDotNew Community island. It focused on his experience working with Swagger, a popular approach when it comes to REST API. “This was the tenth gathering of the St. Petersburg IT community, so I was particularly pleased to participate as a speaker. The speech I gave leaned on my personal experience, and I talked about how we document our REST API for a Lanit-Tercom client as well as the problems we’ve come across and how we’ve resolved them. It was received well, with lots of questions asked at the end. I plan on speaking again,” said Pavel.

One thing everyone at Lanit-Tercom has in common is a constant push to learn and share their experience with colleagues. That is why our employees often participate in a variety of seminars, training sessions, conferences, and other IT events as attendees, speakers, and experts.