Lanit-Tercom at TechVenture and TechInnovation in Singapore

Lanit-Tercom CEO Andrey Terekhov and Boris Krivoshein, the director of the company’s embedded systems and hardware department, participated in TechVenture and TechInnovation, tech exhibitions held in Singapore on September 21-23.

Both of the events were huge for the industry, and both boasted wide attendance from around the world. As TechVenture is Asia’s primary conference, Singapore’s tech, entrepreneurial, and innovation ecosystem was on full display. The event introduces companies to the global investment community and industry leaders; IT businessmen can attract financing from major international investors, discuss partnerships, and close deals. TechInnovation is a major platform that focuses on electronics, manufacturing, healthcare, energy, environmental protection, and infocommunications. It sees Singaporean and international investors meet with developers of new technologies and solutions to discuss how they could work together.

The pair from Lanit-Tercom were able to meet new colleagues, build relationships with Singaporean businessmen, and present the company’s projects to potential clients. According to Andrey Terekhov, the IT community in Singapore is familiar with Russia and knows how strong the country’s mathematicians and engineers are. “The IT market in Singapore is enormous. The focus of attention there is security in all areas: transportation, health, business, and so on. A good dozen major Russian companies (Parallels and Acronis first among them) have already built up a foothold, and their example has shown Singaporeans how profitable it can be to work with Russia,” said Andrey Terekhov.