Lanit-Tercom joins the St. Petersburg Association of Industrial Enterprises

November 11, 2016, saw Lanit-Tercom sign a partnership agreement that brought them into the St. Petersburg Association of Industrial Enterprises.

On November 30, the Import Replacement and Localization Center at Lenexpo hosted a general meeting of the association’s members. Lanit-Tercom was presented to everyone in attendance as its newest partner.

The St. Petersburg Association of Industrial Enterprises was founded in 1989. Its membership includes more than 70 of the city’s biggest companies in the shipbuilding, mechanical engineering, instrument manufacturing, and electronics industries as well as major banks, insurance companies, and other organizations and unions. The association’s main functions are to promote products and services outside the local market, help with municipal orders, and raise awareness of and competitiveness within Russian and St. Petersburg companies.

“The association includes all of St. Petersburg’s biggest companies, and it has a daughter organization called the Association of Electronics Developers that includes another forty companies or so. I spoke as a new member at the annual meeting and discussed what we do at Lanit-Tercom. Several companies have already voiced their willingness to meet and discuss potential partnerships,” said Andrey Terekhov, CEO at Lanit-Tercom.