LANIT-TERCOM is going to support information systems of the largest settlement organization in the field of housing and communal services in Saint-Petersburg

LANIT-TERCOM will provide comprehensive servicing of automated information systemsof the city level of the computing center for collective use "Zhilischnoye hoziaystvo". The company's specialists will support eight systems of the state enterprise. 

A key feature og working with such projects is to ensure absolute stability and continuity. 

IT-systems of "Zhilischnoye hoziaystvo" provides a billing of 1.5 million personal accounts, a database size of 35 terabytes and a one-time service of 500 users. The LANIT-TERCOM team will support the following systems: Tenant, Monetization of Benefits, Settlements with Service Providers, Payments for Non-Residential Premises, Automated Workplace, Accountant Workplace 2.0, Housing Relations. Center for Industry Settlements ”and“ Application Platform ”.