Gazprom Neft and LANIT-TERCOM have developed a virtual platform for core researchers

Gazprom Neft and LANIT-TERKOM (part of the LANIT group) have created a virtual platform for online monitoring of laboratory studies of core samples (rock samples) from oil and gas fields. The service will save up to 30% of labor costs for supporting external laboratory research and promptly attract new partners to work.

The platform will increase the operational efficiency of the procurement process for core and fluid studies, as well as the quality of expert support for geophysical exploration projects. The system allows Gazprom Neft producing companies to select the required types of research and to reserve the required laboratory capacities in advance. Scientific organizations can also post on the service their proposals for organizing work in the field of geological rock analysis.

When accompanying orders, the program allows you to control the schedule for the execution of studies and ensures the maintenance of electronic document flow. The platform is currently available as a web version for laboratories cooperating with Gazprom Neft.

Alexey Vashkevich, Director of Technological Development, Gazprom Neft: “Digital transformation is one of the strategic directions of our company's development. The creation and use of digital tools, among other things, allows you to automate and optimize routine processes in order to focus on solving strategic problems. In particular, the introduction of a new application allows on average to reduce the core study time by 30%."

Marat Nemeshev, Director of Digital Solutions Department, LANIT-TERCOM: “To make the application as user-friendly as possible, we initially thought over and created an adaptive interface for access from mobile devices and during the development process showed the demo version to users several times to collect comments. Thanks to constant open and effective communication with representatives of Gazprom Neft, we not only quickly created and deployed an IT solution, but also actually prepared the technological basis for creating other similar applications - they could be used by various departments of the company."